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Seattle-based, freelance web design, HTML, and CSS professional offering consulting services to businesses and individuals remotely across the United States and Canada.

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HTML / CSS / SASS / Bootstrap / Git

Hubspot / Wordpress


Got an influx of UI design, marketing design, or markup development projects that you or your team need to get done timely?

If you're looking for a freelance web designer who is familiar with working across multidisciplinary teams i.e. product, engineering, design/creative, and marketing then I may be of service. I can assist with seasonal, influx UI or landing page design works, and working with existing style and branding guidelines to catalyze the productivity of your design team.

Need some assistance with HTML/CSS/markup development for your engineering teams? I am familiar with Git, agile development, building dry and reusable components, responsive development, and aiding front-end and full-stack engineers to achieve pixel-perfection from design to code. I’ve worked with Bootstrap, Vue, React/NextJS, styled-component, Ember, Hubspot, and Wordpress.


Working with Jennifer was always a pleasure. Many times we'd have issues arise, but Jennifer could pivot and keep head of the demand. Aside from having an outstanding work ethic, she brought a fun and eclectic perspectives to both design and code. — Dillon C, Software Engineer
Jennifer definitely checks all the boxes when it comes both technical and UX/UI chops. — Li C, Marketing Manager
Jennifer is very communicative, articulate, detail-oriented, and she get things done. She never do things “just because” or “quick and dirty”. My favorite part of her attitude and work is that she always think at high level for the future while being efficient with priorities and deadlines. — Yena P, Chief Design Officer
Jennifer is an incredible team player, always willing to pitch in on projects while managing multiple priorities. Her design and development skillset enabled a small team of growth marketers complete projects efficiently and effectively to scale our acquisition efforts rapidly. — Andrew B, Marketing Program Manager

Working With Me

I strive to provide my clients with a professional and positive working experience. My high expectations are matched by my commitment to priorities, attention to details, efficiency, and diligence.

I prefer asynchronous communication e.g. email, Slack. I usually respond within one business day but often within a couple hours if we are in the same time zone during business hours. I will consistently send one end-of-day email that is similar in format to a standup, in which I will note a list of what I completed for the day, what I plan to do on the next working day, and any blockers or questions. I find this works well because it keeps my clients or points of contact informed of my progress and gives them ample time to inform me if there's a change in priority or plan should it arise by the next morning.


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